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Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere, who strives to be a paragon of morality, firmly rejects the company of anyone not exhibiting her moral values. Suspecting her husband of having an affair with such a woman, she rashly decides to abandon her secure position for an affair of her own. On the brink of a major life-altering decision, Lady Windermere soon learns that the difference between good and bad people is not always as straightforward as she may think. Clever dialogue, fast-paced repartee, and pithy epigrams abound in this Victorian comedy-of-manners work by Oscar Wilde.

Directed by Michael Hosler

Lady Windermere's Fan -- Cast of Characters

Lady Windermere
Sam Speraw

Lord Windermere
Josh Lebo

Mrs. Erlynne
Aliza Bardfield

Lord Darlington
Matthew Golden

Duchess of Berwick
Anne Marino

Lady Agatha
Colleen Barno

Liz Curtis

Lord Augustus
Murray Weed

Cecil Graham
Ozzy Smith

Mr. Hopper
Bomani Sidney

Lady Plymdale
Margaret Morris

Daniel Walmer

Lady Jedburgh
Karen McLaughlin

Rosale/Mrs. Cowper-Cowper
Bethany Malykh

Miss Graham
Samantha Klimas

Lady Stutfield
Jill Jahn