The Golden Gays — Ring Ring! It's the Libertine Belle Murder Musical

Picture it: Camp Hill, PA 2023

The Golden Gays - the Golden Girls Musical Drag Troupe is at it again, this time musicalizing one of the most famous and dastardly episodes - The Case of the Libertine Belle.

A weekend of murder and mystery turns fatal in this musical romp. Your favorite pals and confidants Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose must try to solve a murder and find Sophia. Is Blanche the suspect of a *real* murder?!

Featuring parodies from Footloose the Musical, Elvis, Doris Day and even a disco finale, this murder musical will make you clutch your pearls and your purse (which may or may not have an entire place setting in it) - "Not now Ma!"

September 30, 2023 at 7:30 pm