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 Private Performances

In addition to our regularly scheduled public performances, Oyster Mill Playhouse also presents up to five private performances for each of our productions.

Hosting a private performance can be accomplished in three easy steps:

Step One:  Contact Oyster Mill Playhouse to see about the availabilty of a private performance for a particular show. The cost of a non-musical is $800 and the cost of a musical is $1200.

Step Two:  Once a date is agreed upon, then all that is required is a deposit of $100 for a non-musical and $200 for a musical. (The balance is due two weeks prior to the date of the private performance.)

Step Three:  Now that you have tickets to our ninety-one seat house, it’s time to sell those tickets. The only rule is that you need to sell them for our ticket price ($25 for a non-musical and $30 for a musical) or higher! This serves as a way to use this as a fundraiser for the purchasing organization. The only exception to the rule is if you give them away for free. Some organizations have done that as a thank you to their members.

When an organization sells out the house just by selling them at our base ticket prices, they make a profit of approximately $1500 for either a play or a musical — and have a good time while earning the money!

Finally, if the organization chooses, they can hold a reception in our main lobby before the show, during intermission, or after the performance. We do ask if the reception is being held during intermission, that the length be no longer than 20 minutes for the sake of our performers and the rhythm of the show. In addition, please notify the point of contact if you plan to have a reception.


If you have any questions, or need assistance in booking a private performance, please contact us at 717.737.6768 or at the email address below.