Volunteer During a Show

While the performers onstage provide an enjoyable performance, we also rely on volunteers to help seat the patrons and run things in the lobby during the show. One of the main perks of volunteering as house staff is that you get to see the show for free. There are three house staff positions for each show: 

Usher:  There are usually two ushers per show who help to seat patrons. In addition, during intermission, ushers help run the concession stand, sell raffle tickets, and restock concession supplies. After the show, ushers clean up the auditorium and bathrooms and empty the garbage.

House Manager:  The house manager greets the patrons as they come in and hands them over to an usher to be seated. Along with the other duties mentioned above for usher, the house manager serves as the liaison between the ushers and box office manager if any issues should arise.

Box Office:  The box office manager runs the computer at the box office and sells any additional tickets at the door for those who do not have reservations.  This position also includes the duties mentioned above. NOTE:  If you are interested in volunteering for box office manager, this position requires some training. Contact us to learn more.