Auditions: Hay Fever

AUDITION DATES:  Sunday, March 10 and Monday, March 11, 2024
DIRECTOR: Lois Heagy

Celebrated playwright Noel Coward's Hay Fever is a stylish comedy set in an English country house in the 1920s. The play deals with the four eccentric members of the Bliss family and their outlandish behavior when they each invite a guest to spend the weekend.

Rousing fights, surprise engagements and fevered declarations of love finally drive their guests to flee, as the Bliss family carries on with their over-the-top games, bickering and outrageous behavior.


We will be casting 9 actors. Ages listed are “playing ages.”
  1. Judith Bliss (45-55). David Bliss’s wife and Sorel and Simon’s mother. She is a recently retired actress which correlates with her personality of everything is a performance to Judith, a way to make herself and higher status known to those around her. She is not afraid to take up space. Judith is a singing role. Judith sings a song which will be selected collaboratively.
  2. David Bliss. (45-60). Judith Bliss’s husband, and father to Sorel and Simon. He is an egomaniac but loveable, and he is a novelist of some acclaim. He feels as if he understands style and feels it.
  3. Sorel Bliss (20-25). Daughter of Judith and David, she has a strong sense of independence.
  4. Simon Bliss (25-30). Son of Judith and David, Simon puts his talent into caricatures, creating cartoons of other people. He wants to be loved and is ironic and sarcastic to whomever he meets.
  5. Myra Arundel (25-30). Myra is the ideal of a 1920’s woman, she is put together at all times as well as sassy. She stands clear on who she is. Myra was invited to the dinner party by Simon.
  6. Richard Greatham (30-40). Richard is a diplomat in the group. He has a presence yet stands kind of grey. Inside, he is a passionate and warm character, but that is rarely shown. He was invited by Sorel.
  7. Jackie Coryton (20-30). Jackie is a ‘perfectly sweet flapper.' She is not the brightest, maybe a little over her head. She is invited by David.
  8. Sandy Tyrell (30-45). Sandy is animated and loving, a man who hardly has enemies. He is an athlete-jock character. He is invited by Judith.
  9. Clara (45-65). Clara is the housekeeper, and she is not a good one. Being very loud, she makes her presence known.
A tentative rehearsal schedule of 4 days a week will be set based on the availability of the actors and their conflicts.